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THEME PARK iBlack Sports

Show off your Park logo, launch a new ride, or continue branding your flagship brands. Whatever your needs, there isn’t a promotional product that does it better than iblack sports. Your guests will proudly wear them, long after they’re visit.

Whether you sell them or give them away on a special promo day, iblack sports sunglasses will add to the memories. Your guests will take and post selfies, showing the world this eye catching product with your logos, your branding, your message.

Message them simply with your name and logo, or go real custom with an “I SURVIVED” for your craziest ride. You can sell them as they come off of the ride. Or co-brand them with one of your sponsor partners. With the printable areas available, it’s endless what you can do with iblack sports. Contact us to customize a program for your organization.

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