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iBlack Sports is a brand sharply focused on helping you increase brand recognition and exposure. It’s simple! It’s about the products! Iblack Sports is innovative, new, and fresh. The patented, high profile print areas are a game changer.

At iBlack Sports our mission is to fight advertisement blindness. When is the last time you remembered a logo on a pen you used? Or on a t-shirt? With information overload, who can remember? These everyday products are at a disadvantage for messaging because their stale ad methods have been around for so long that we don’t pay attention anymore.

At iBlack Sports we are changing the way sponsors are viewed and more importantly, remembered. From peewee to professional sports, for fundraising, special events, political campaigns, or product launches, iBlack Sports stands out and delivers your message…memorably.

iBlack Sports sunglasses gives you a high profile, portable billboard with lots of real estate for your branding and messaging needs. A unique and fun wearable, made of high quality materials that will be kept long after your event or function, giving you the benefit of repeat branding impressions.

We are excited and ready to customize. Increase your visibility and be remembered, with iBlack Sports